合同翻譯經典句型薈萃 保密部分

All Proprietary Information disclosed by either Party or its affiliates to the CJV in accordance with the provisions of this Contract and the Technology License Agreement and/ or the Trademark License Agreement to be entered into between an affiliate of Party B and the CJV on or about the date hereof substantially in the form attached hereto as Appendix X shall be used by the CJV and its personnel solely for the CJV’s account and purposes. 任何一方或其關聯公司根據本合同及乙方一家關聯公司與合作經營企業于本合同同日或稍后簽訂的技術許可協議和/或商標許可協議(其格式見附件五)的規定,向合作經營企業披露的所有專有信息,僅供合作經營企業及其人員用于合作經營企業的自身利益和目的。